About the book


  • A Dialogue Box (Before Unit-I) is given to understand the “Management” as a whole in a very easy way.
  • A Dialogue Box in UNIT-III is also given to understand a complicated topic namely “BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT,” in an interesting way.

  • The Text Matter is 100% revised. It explains to students how much matter will be required to answer the questions of 1,3,4,& 6 marks.

  • A list of all types of Questions and Case Studies is given at the end of each unit headed as KNOWLEDGE EXAMINE ZONE.

  • For the convenience of readers, NCERT Exercises are solved and given at the end of each unit headed as NCERT FOLDER.

  • At the end of each unit, a UNIT-WISE PRACTICE PAPER is given for IMMEDIATE CHECK.

  • The solution of the Knowledge Examine Zone, Assertion-Reason Questions, and Unit-Wise Practice Paper is given at the end of each unit headed as ANSWERS KEY.

  • At the end of the book, INSTANT LEARNING MAPs are given to facilitate quick revision of the whole syllabus in one go.

  • The running Glossary is given as TOOL KIT, which includes Key Concepts and Key Terms.

  • The text matter includes a large number of BLOCKS headed LEARN MORE containing extra explanation to be needed to complete the answers to some questions.

  • ONE PROJECT is also available, which is very practical, taken from real-life situations, and is presented in a very interesting way. Following it, one can prepare a project on any topic.

  • The Practice Paper at the end will help students check their progress.

  • The book is available in Hindi Medium also.

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