About the book

Restructured and revised in sync with the revised syllabus & updated guidelines by the CBSE board.

A gist of major modifications:

  • Brain Teaser blocks to test logical clarity and implication based learning.
  • Test Your Understanding blocks to promote application, analysis & evaluation of concepts.
  • Basic Numericals following hand-holding approach for budding economists.
  • Categorisation & sub-classification of numericals for easy identification of nature of problem.
  • HOTS: Each chapter is splashed with HOTS to promote clarity of the basics and provide some food for thought to the avid readers.
  • ‘Did You Know’ blocks are provided in each chapter to highlight the significance of core concepts.
  • Wide variety of questions: A wide variety of questions patterned along the CBSE released Sample Question Paper (2023) have been incorporated in each Chapter.

The category of questions incorporated are:

Competency-Based Learning: Objective Questions:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Fill in the Blanks
  3. True-False alternatives
  4. Choose the Correct Pair of Statements/Identify the Correct Sequence of Alternatives
  5. One Liners: Answer with Reason

Competency Based Learning: Data/Picture Based & Case-Study Based Questions

  1. Data/Picture Based Questions,
  2. Case-Study Based Questions

Competency Based Learning: Descriptive Questions:

  1. Very Short Answer Type Questions
  2. HOTS & applications
  3. Analysis & Evaluation
  4. NCERT questions (with hints to answers)
  5. Miscellaneous Questions and Reference to the Text for Answers
  6. Solved Numericals
  7. Unsolved Numericals

We have also added sample projects patterned along the latest CBSE format for the reference of the students.

Sample Paper by “VK Global Study Group” based on the specimen paper woven along the same structure and blueprint as suggested in the CBSE released Sample Question Paper-2023 has been included.

Harmony and Synchronisation: To maintain clarity of thought; the information in our book has been compiled and presented in a step by step manner so that students are able to comprehend things better.

Comprehensive and elucidative tabular and diagrammatic presentation via flow charts etc. have been done wherever necessary.

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